Legacy Lifestyle was founded by Megan James. Megan has a background in entrepreneurship and has built four businesses. She has two Bachelors of Arts: Anthropology and Archaeology. Megan specialized in Forensic Anthropology. She has a background in law enforcement and cites her career as eye opening and the reason for building this specific organization.

Legacy Lifestyle was built to assist others with self growth and self development. Along the way, Megan became an experienced life coach, business coach, and mentor to many. Out of this, she founded this business which allows her the opportunity to offer her services and experiences to others as a consultant.

Megan is currently working to attain several certifications: Life Coach, Integrated Wellness Coach, and Personal Trainer. Megan has over twenty years of experience in health and wellness and has eight years of experience in coaching/training numerous clients in the physical fitness industry. She enjoys helping people and making the world a better place by helping others find happiness through achieving their biggest and scariest goals.

Legacy Lifestyle Coaching – Services Offered

At Legacy Lifestyle, we are a team of experienced life coaches and business coaches seeking to serve at a higher level those wishing to accomplish more in their lives. Whether an individual is looking for a promotion at a current place of employement, wanting to run a half marathon, or wanting to find a way to build a non-profit. We help individuals accomplish whatever goals their hearts desire. We only ask for 10% of your trust to start as we will earn the other 90%. Here is a list of services currently offered:

  • Life Coaching (to include relationships, finances, work/life balance coaching, personal/professional goal coaching, goal setting, eliminating limiting beliefs, establishing core values, etc.)
  • Habit Tracking/Development: This includes developing high performance habits, tracking small habits to accomplish major goals, building your own personal habit tracker, mobile app resources, and more!
  • Holistic Health and Wellness Coaching: This includes feeling like your best self! We ensure you’re following good nutrition principles (we are NOT Registered Dietitians but we can help with planned meal prepping, recipes, and overall healthy eating). We help with planned workouts, personal training, and other facets of maintaining balance in your health and wellness routine.
  • Professional/Career Coaching (for those who are employed or attempting to secure employment): This can entail everything from resume, CV, and cover letter help to getting a promotion or finding a new career.
  • Business Coaching (for those who own their own businesses): This can include entrepreneur coaching, business development, and business ownership. It will include education on topics like Search Engine Optimization, Branding, Marketing and Advertising, and more).
  • Student Coaching (Available to High School and College Students
  • Other Services offered: Coaching and Assistance with launching a podcast from scratch, building a personal brand, assistance with self-growth/self-development, keynote speaking, women’s empowerment, women’s coaching, business branding, leadership development, workshops, seminars, and more.

Each of these services comes as a single package offered in three distinct forms. We allow clients to choose an individual tier or even mix and match them together. Here’s a brief look at our three tier services:

  • The Self Starter: This first tear is a more independent approach to coaching. It’s for those who want a more self-guided or self-taught method of coaching. We provide workbooks, homework/assignment, and guidance when requested as well as follow ups. We give you the information and let you take the reins!
  • The MVP Special: This is for those of you who really want to shine! This package takes a one-on-one approach in which we personally guide you through each step of the process to ensure you come out as the best version you can be to accomplish your major goals.
  • The Groupie: This package is for those who learn better within a group environment. You enjoy the culture and support found on a team. You will also appreciate the crazy amounts of empowerment and motivation from the team that will push you to reach your goals.

For questions regarding if we offer a specific service, pricing, contracts, and more, please contact us at megan@legacy-lifestyle.com.

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