This is an issue that I find most of my clients, friends, and family struggle with. Most people have no concept of time management in that, they use technology to try to regulate their schedules but they get sucked back into the social media abyss in the process.

It’s easy to keep a calendar on your phone, but it’s even easier to check Instagram and Facebook six times in the time it took you to look up your next appointment for the day. One of the solutions I have found is to hide your social media pages from yourself. Put them all in a folder within a folder on the last page on your phone. This forces you to consciously make an effort to go find those social media outlets instead of automatically scrolling through them when you’re bored, waiting on a return phone call, on a lunch break, etc.

I usually hear the same excuse from single people, parents, and college students, “I don’t have time to read or listen to a bunch of podcasts”. You were clearly willing to do this stuff to further your education to receive your degree. Not only that, but you also donated 4 years of your life (if not more) to an institution as well as over $40,000 for what? A piece of paper and a ton of debt with just the slight chance of having a job after college. So you’re telling me, you can do all of that but you can’t give yourself 30 minutes a day to work on your own personal goals? That’s not a lack of time, that’s a lack of priorities.

“You will never manifest your dreams by complaining your way out of your current reality”

—-Read that again—-

In most cases, I find that people excuse their lack of wanting to do the hard things to reach their goals by exaggerating the time spent doing mandatory activities, and waste time on other activities. Most people will not admit to you that they spent over 6 hours on multiple social media platforms in one day (and their careers are not even in digital media), but their phones don’t lie. If you ever get curious as to where you’re losing hours of your life, or rather, giving it away, check your screen time option on your phone.

The results may shock you.

You can keep a calendar on your phone for electronic reminders. But for the love of yourself, your sanity, and your goals, carry a physical calendar as well. It’s something about forcing yourself to look at a physical printout of your day, physically crossing off appointments, and writing things down that allows the mind to remember them. Many times, we either forget to check our electronic calendars completely because we get distracted by all of the hundreds of other apps and pictures on our phones and computers.

If you’re looking for some quick fixes, and some good, healthy, long-lasting habits, check out the above video. I didn’t list everything, because we would still be here a month later watching the same damn video and NOBODY wants that. These are just a few short simple things to help you get started.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or desire any clarification on anything presented in the video, feel free to contact me on the contact page!

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