Photo by: Megan James

I enjoyed a family day with my wife, Laura, on Friday. We ate dinner under a shelter at Triad Park in the Kernersville/Colfax area here in North Carolina. We took pictures of all the new flowers blooming in the area and then we decided to go pay our respects to the memorial.

A lot of hard work, money, and time went into this Memorial… and it shows. I wanted to document this location in the best way I could: through photos which I then turned into this video. I hope people remember the reason behind this weekend. It’s not for barbecues, lake days, drunken parties, or to get you the day off from work.

This weekend is about the soldiers. The ones who paid the ultimate sacrifice fighting for our country. I hope this video serves as a small reminder of the sacrifice they have made and what it means.


If you wish to share this video, feel free to share this article or find it on YouTube with this link.

The Memorial Behind Memorial Day Video

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