For this podcast episode on The Megan James Show, I got the opportunity to sit down with three of the four owners of The Kernersville Brewing Company! Rick Lowe, Eric Lauten, Dwight Deal, and Vinny D’Abbraccio are a talented group of individuals, each with a skill set that adds considerable value to the business. When they came together, they meshed each of these skill sets to form a successful business venture that has really brought life back into a small town.

They are full time business owners, running a tasting room and a brewery as well as full time employees parents, and full time family men. They have a ton on their plates to juggle, and with the tips and insights they provide here, they have been able to maintain their work life balance. Dwight is set to retire on NOVEMBER 1ST, 2019. It’s written in stone now, Dwight, so no take-backs ;). Out of their hard work and dedication has blossomed an incredible tap room with its own culture and brand anchored deep in this town’s history.

They’ve been around since 2015. Their first beer came out in March 2016. And they already have over 3,400 followers on Facebook! It may seem like they’ve amassed a sort of overnight following and success but they actually have had more time in the game than many realize. They have over two decades of brewing experience between them. And they were kind enough to indulge me by answering all of my questions without complaint. We discuss the construction of the brewery and tap room, the funding of the business, marketing the business, maintaining work life balance, and so much more! Here’s a little background on these guys:

Rick: The owner of KBC with a substantial brewing history. H has been brewing for approximately 19 years. His first brew may not have gone how he planned, but you’ll learn more about that later. He is also employed as a Planning Materials Manager for a textile company.

Eric: Previously gained a little bit of bar knowledge when he served as a bar back years ago in college. He was the mastermind behind filing for an LLC which he filed for in 2014 as a surprise to the others. He also works a s a Financial Planner.

Vinny D: The Taproom Manager and Marketing Manager. He worked as an unpaid intern for a year for KBC before becoming the company’s first paid hire as of January 2019. He has a master’s in business. Vinny met the others when he was working for a company that audited bars.

Dwight: Started home brewing over 20 years ago. In 2011, he renovated an old tractor shed on the family farm and turned it into a home brewing location. Together, he, Rick, and Eric would brew over 40 weekends out of every year practicing for the day they would have their own place.

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