Hey guys! So one of the perks of owning a company with a podcast is that we get all kinds of cool discounts and bonuses just for being affiliates through certain companies! These awesome people pay us every time we refer a sale to them. We only become affiliates with companies we believe in and whose products we use and approve of. I have listed several of our links, discounts, and cool bonuses you can get below just by using our links. If you buy anything, you’re helping support us and the podcast.

The more money we earn through things like this, the more we can give back to our audience with content. We want to travel to more locations across the globe to interview a wide range of successful entrepreneurs but it takes money to fuel those gas tanks. The companies and products we have advertised on this page are truly committed to missions similar to ours and we are so proud to be affiliates with them. We hope you will find their products as helpful to your growth as we have found them to be.

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