The day is here! No more excuses! It’s time to prioritize the things that matter in your life and that includes… YOU!! Whether you’re 15, 25, 35, or 65, now is the time to reflect and take a good long hard look at your life. You will never get another now and tomorrow is not guaranteed. If you’re daily being and presence at work doesn’t light your soul on fire, then maybe you should consider doing something else.

The day is here. It’s finally come. You’ve used up all of your excuses not to quit the job that has been driving you FREAKING NUTS. So let’s list them all out shall we?

  • Your family won’t survive if you leave your stable income.
You’ve been wanting to start that business idea for awhile now but you can’t guarantee it’ll make you money, while this minuscule bi-weekly paycheck isn’t much, at least you know it’s coming in. 
  • “
I don’t hate everything about my job. Out of the 30 different tasks I do, I’m okay with like 4 of them.
  • ”My coworkers make me laugh and they don’t piss me off too much so I’m staying because they keep me comfortable. It’s like an episode of Cheers!”
  • ”
I’m too old to start something new, whether it’s a new career or a new business.
  • ”I’m too young to start something new, don’t new jobs look at the time you spent at your last ones and judge you?
  • ”I hate what I do, where I work, and it’s sucking my soul through my teeth, but it’s paying the bills. What else can I do?

My Background

Every excuse you could possibly come up with, I can almost bet you I have heard or I have come up with personally. A year ago this month, I was fighting your battle. Scared to leave the career I had signed up for and signed over my life to three and half years prior. I was scared to set off in an unknown direction. What the hell was I even going to do?

Long story short, my health forced me to leave a job I should have left awhile ago. I’m grateful for the intervention. I might have continued to go another few months in the devastatingly depressing and unhealthy manner that I had been living my life before my body would have finally totally given out. But I knew it was better to get out while I could and save the rest of my life, before I blinked and I was in the grave at an early age from the toll of stress. 

So why was I so scared to move on?? Probably for many of the same reasons you are. Loss of income, loss of house, disappointing the ones I love, losing friends, etc. My biggest issue was that I allowed my job to define me for so long, I was afraid I would lose my identity without it. Sad, huh? My job was such a major part of my life, that it was how I identified myself at my core, at my very being.

I was also always told by society that being miserable in your job is totally normal because that just means you’re “adulting” just like everyone else. Being miserable in your job is NOT a normal part of being an adult. To fix your current situation, you need to start by fixing your current mindset. This is going to include, but not entirely limited to, eliminating these false beliefs that have crept in over decades. Let’s start with the easy stuff.

Step 1:

I implore you, right now. I don’t care if you’re sitting at your shitty cubicle, sitting in your recliner, or about to go to bed. If you know in your heart that the job you currently have is not for you, then leave it. Don’t go into work today. Take that sick day. Spend today writing a list of every single reason why if you left that job today it would be devastating to your life and your whole world would fall apart (allegedly). Everything your mind can come up with, put it down on paper. Whether it’s your finances coming to a crashing halt, you lose your house, you invest in a business that fails, whatever it is that scares the crap out of you about altering your current course.

Step 2:

Now, when you have finished with that, write a list of everything you will be missing, sacrificing, and living without if you stay in that job. The big gas gusseling truck you’ve always wanted but never purchased because its gas mileage was not sensible for your daily commute to work. The house out in the country that’s closer to your parents that you haven’t purchased because it’ll be too far of a commute to work. Do you see how you can easily design a life you’re settling for and might not even like, all around a job that doesn’t fulfill you? List all of the things you’ve given up on so far and what you will continue to lose by staying in the same place. List how your world will be horribly empty or crushed while you remain in a career you hate. 

Step 3:

When you’re finished writing both lists, compare the two. In all honesty, which one is worse? So you take a pay cut going from Accountant to Etsy shop owner. Money is and always will be a renewable resource. You can invest money, earn money, lose money, or give away money. But as long as you know how to make money, you will always get it back. Money should never be the reason you sacrifice your biggest dreams, for your saddest reality. The only person who can kill your dreams is, you.

If you’re scared of losing your house, that’s far from the worst thing that can happen. Houses are material things, they can be bought, sold, built, torn down, and re-built. Sell the damn thing and live out of your car or a hotel or whatever until you get back on your feet. Nothing is life ending except committing yourself to living out a lie and accepting that you will never reach your goals before you’ve even started pursuing them. That, my friend, is the fastest fall to an early grave and a life full of misery and regret. 


Maybe you’re worried that you have already given 5, 10, or 15 years to this career and leaving now would be a waste of that time. Take what you’ve learned and experienced and call it even, move on. For the love of your sanity, move on. Don’t waste another 10 or 15 years to get to retirement only to retire on 40% of your income. Make the decision to incorporate change in your life now. You’re never too young or too old. Now is the only time you’ve got because tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. 

Coming from a background in helping people, I wanted something that brought me impact, influence, and income. I wanted to still make a difference in others’ lives but I also wanted to be able to support my family. Making ends meet was always a frustratingly constant problem in our household. We never seemed to have enough and barely paid our bills with nothing left over. 

It took over a year of diving headlong into self development and self growth. Tearing apart my very being and piecing back together the puzzle using all the vibrant and beautiful peaces that made me the best person I could possibly be. From designing my own habit trackers, to building new workout plans, better nutrition, taking back control of my calendar, and other innovative discoveries, I found I had a whole lot more time on my hands than I realized. I quit all the side hustles that were causing more stress and weren’t pulling their weigh financially. 

Along the way, after helping numerous individuals find value in their lives the same way I had, I found what lights my soul on fire. I love coaching. I love helping people find that Aha! moment of discovery in themselves. We are our own solutions to the problems we have created. It’s a beautiful thing. 


I don’t give a rip what it is you say is holding you back, it really boils down to just one simple thing: you. Get out of your own freaking way and make it happen. Get inspired, pick up a book, take some time off, schedule blocks of time to apply to other jobs, whatever you need to do to get un-stuck from whatever situation you currently feel stuck in. 

Your decisions, habits, thoughts, and actions got you here, they can get you out of it too. If you’re having trouble finding inspiration or just simply have no clue where to start, then message me. I may not have all of the answers for all of your problems but I can sure help you with this one. 
No more excuses.

Quit. Your. Crappy. Job. YOU deserve it.  

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