If you have ever wondered what exactly Lifestyle Design is all about, then stay tuned! Megan is a Lifestyle Designer and takes great joy in helping her clients design lives they are proud of that bring them ultimate happiness and good health.

In this episode, we walk the audience through what a lifestyle planning session would look like. Due to time constraints and lack of personalization, we are unable to take you through the entire life planning process. We do, however, discuss exercises, tips, pitfalls, and extra resources to help you succeed in your goals.

We walk you through the Reader’s Digest condensed version of life planning. We bring out the manual we use for clients just starting out in life planning and even divide it up into sections, questions, and list the next steps in the process of transforming your life into the one of your dreams.

If you are ready to up your game in the goal setting world, or get your life back on track, or just start a new adventure, this podcast will be one of the best resources you can consult. As always, if you have any questions, hit us up on any of our social media profiles. The links are listed below. Be sure to subscribe because many of you aren’t and you are doing yourselves a disservice lol but really! Make sure you tell your friends this is the best lifestyle design podcast!

Helpful Links From This Episode:

Visual Personality DNA Profile Test

More Visual DNA Quizzes

Kain Ramsey’s Life Coaching Course

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About the Show Host:

About the Author and Show Host:

Megan James is the Founder of Legacy Lifestyle Coaching, a company dedicated to Lifestyle Design. She has an extensive background in life coaching, business coaching, and career coaching. Megan has designed a life she’s proud of but she’s not planning on stopping there. Now Megan intends to take her skills and knowledge gained through her personal and professional experiences and share them with you! If you like the show, please subscribe! Follow our Socials!

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