Millennials and Gen Z’s are facing the largest debt crisis so far in the United States. “We are lending money we don’t have to kids who can’t pay it back to train them for jobs that no longer exist. That’s nuts.” – Mike Rowe.

Of the 3 million available jobs today, less than 20% require a 4 year degree. Parents with a high school diploma are now living better than kids with a 4 year degree. We are right on the cusp of a recession after living on borrowed time in a fantastic period of economic growth, you can be sure this recession is about to hit like a 50 lb anvil. If you’re already barely surviving now, imagine how much worse it’s about to get. We’ve been sitting around bitching and complaining about our circumstances, but what have we actually done to fix them?

If you haven’t been watching the man, the myth, the legend, Gary Vaynerchuk, then you should be. He’s giving millennials, Gen Z’s, and anyone who wants to listen, all the information you need to get yourself out of your financial debt crisis… FOR. FREE. He bases his advice off his experiences and what has worked for him. He provides some phenomenal insight. We’ve learned a lot from him and have taken some of his basic approaches and emulated them in our business platform.

In this episode, we talk about what you can do right here, right now, to flip the script on your situation. We give you our take on the situation based strictly on our experience. We provide some valuable insight and advice that has helped us and could help you too! Download the episode now with this link to find out more!

Here’s the link to the Udemy course we talk about in the episode. This course gives numerous Ebay hacks and a lot of information that will help you launch your eBay business from scratch. It also talks about Craigslist and a variety of free apps that will help you make better sales. Click this link for more information and to buy the course.

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Megan James is the Founder of Legacy Lifestyle Coaching, a company dedicated to Lifestyle Design. She has an extensive background in life coaching, business coaching, and career coaching. Megan has designed a life she’s proud of but she’s not planning on stopping there. Now Megan intends to take her skills and knowledge gained through her personal and professional experiences and share them with you! If you like the show, please subscribe! Follow our Socials!

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