Have you found yourself getting to the gym, getting ready to workout and then immediately got sidetracked by some post you found on Instagram or Facebook? Suddenly you find yourself endlessly scrolling through News Feeds, losing complete track of time, and now you’ve lost 20-30 minutes of good time you could have spent working out. We’ve been there. Your phone becomes the enemy, the time suck. There is a way to fix it, I promise. Your phone doesn’t have to be the enemy, it can actually be a solution to many of the health issues you have been experiencing!

In this podcast episode, we discuss the top 10 simple things you can do to improve your health and fitness each day. This is primarily for people who have not been successful committing to a health and fitness routine, or for people who have fallen off the wagon and want to climb back on. Or, if you’re just looking for a few good health and fitness hacks, then this is totally for you! The journey to having great health is a long, lifetime trek. It takes a lot of work and is not something you can do overnight. But we hope the content listed will help you drastically on your journey.

Later in this podcast we discuss mobile apps that can help you develop these new health related habits. Your cell phones don’t have to be a prison or a place to escape to, they can actually help you become your most productive self in you stay disciplined about it. It should be noted that all apps listed are from my personal experience and although I am now affiliated with a couple of these apps, I only receive compensation from the apps I believe in and use regularly. I only receive compensation for a couple of these apps and as for the others, I do not receive compensation or discounts for giving them a shout out in my favorite apps section. I’m legitimately just telling you about all of these in hopes that they will help you. These apps are also on the Apple platform. Many of them are on the Android platform but I personally don’t know if they all are because I do not have access to an Android device.

This entire topic came about because I got sick and tired of hearing myself and everyone around me tell the same excuse over and over. “I just don’t have time for__” or “I just don’t have the money for___”. I’m here to tell you that you find the time and you find the money for the things that REALLY matter to you that will really make an impact in your life. That’s why the apps I list below offer either free or very low cost solutions to things like health, fitness, continuing education, and so much more. Please check them out and understand that there is always a solution to the problem at hand, you just have to ask the right question.

If you guys have any favorite apps that you would like to tell us about, PLEASE give us a shoutout on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook! Comment on this post or DM us if you don’t feel comfortable posting a comment. If you got anything specifically from this episode, let us know that too, as well as anything you would like to see more of or less of in the future episodes! Check our socials below for contacting purposes!

Now, if you don’t feel like reading what I’m sure will be a very lengthy article, then check out the podcast episode button listed below! Listen to what it has to offer and come back to this article or check the episode notes for the hyperlinks to the apps discussed in the episode. This article has all the updated information, links, and even a few resources NOT mentioned in the podcast!

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Top 10 Small Things That You Can Do in 10 Minutes That Will Drastically Improve Your Health

  1. Learn to cook a healthy morning breakfast!
    • Try a shake if you’re not one for eating a healthy breakfast, here is one of my favorite recipes.
    • Just don’t start with a candy bar.
    • Recipe:
      • 3/4 cups of healthy frozen fruit
      • A handful of spinach
      • 3/4 cups of water
      • A splash of orange juice
  2. Master 3 Small Exercises Each Day
    • Confused where to start? Not really sure what exercises to choose from? Try the app FitBod mentioned below in the apps section. Use our promo code to get 25% off!
    • If you’re not keen on using weights, check out Home Workout, listed below in the apps section!
  3. Start and Stay With Breathing Exercises
    • Controlling your breath will help you gain control over your life. It will help you in the way you respond to stress. Try the app Stop, Breathe, Think mentioned below in the apps section to help control your breath and learn meditation.
  4. Write Down 10 New Things
    • This is a great way to jumpstart your innovation. You are the cause of a majority of your problems, but you can also be the solution. Use this time to solve problems in your personal life, work life, marriage, etc. Watch your creativity bloom!Not much for writing? Try the Mindmapping app discussed in the apps section
  5. Cut Out Things You Don’t Need
    • Common sense things like cutting down sugars, sodium levels, etc. You already know what’s good for you and what isn’t, so this is actually easier than you thinkPut the pre-packaged meals back and start meal prepping. Read labels on all the foods you’re taking in, including and especially the things that claim to be “healthy”.Track you food through apps like MyFitnessPal, check it out in the apps section below.
  6. Journaling Your Thoughts for 10 Minutes
    • Whatever pops in your head, write it down.It will look messy and won’t be perfect but you’ll be surprised at the clarity you get. You can also use the Stop, Breathe, Think app found in the apps section which has an entire place inside the app devoted to journaling.
  7. Read for 10 Minutes Every Morning
    • You should read in a self development or business related book. This jumpstarts your brain activity and gets you focused on how to accomplish the necessary stuff first thing. Just read something you can grow from and that challenges you.
  8. Listen to a Podcast for 10 Minutes
    • Try this on your commute to and from work. It will help you gain immense focus or forget about the one thing that threw you off your routine today.
    • It’s a great way to jumpstart your daily routine and end your day.
  9. Take Your Vitamins
    • Includes allergy medications, heartburn preventatives, rhodiola, natural supplements, etc.
    • Avoid GNC stores.
    • Check out Nutrilite and Advocare for trustworthy supplements. They both have independent advisory boards to check out the supplements to ensure they are safe.
    • I am a distributor of Nutrilite so you can can check out my direct link for more information on this brand.
  10. Get Enough Sleep
    • Get the amount of sleep your body demands. Everyone’s sleep demand is different
    • Try turning off all your screens 2 hours before going to bed.
    • Listen to a podcast or soothing music or read a book instead.
    • Have a pre-bed routine (set work clothes out, workout clothes, meals prepped, dishes, cleaned etc.)
    • Have a morning routine. You’re waking up at the same time, no rush because your pre-bed routine is solid and you have time to do the things you need to do to jumpstart your day.
    • Less expected stress in the morning will allow you to sleep longer.

*Apps recommended in This Episode *

**DISCLAIMER A few weeks after the launch of this particular podcast episode, Megan earned the opportunity to partner with a couple of these companies! This means that for every subscriber she refers to use the app, she gets compensated. The full amount of those compensations from those referrals is fed directly back into the podcast to pay for monthly fees from Simplecast subscription fees, software subscription fees, equipment, costs to have guests on the show, and so much more. We appreciate all of you that have utilized our promo codes and special links so far to subscribe to these apps. Your help is very much appreciated! **

Best Fitness Apps in Order

Fitbod – This is easily my favorite fitness app and a few weeks after this podcast was launched, I was offered the opportunity to partner with them. Now you get use my Promo Code MEGAN25 to get 25% off your subscription to FitBod! In return for my referral, I receive compensation which I funnel directly back into this podcast so your support is very much appreciated! You can visit this link and type in the promo code MEGAN25 to receive your discount or you can visit this link to visit the subscriber page after the discount has already been applied. The app is already free to use and offers an extremely low cost premium edition for around $50 a YEAR for a subscription. Most personal trainers charge a minimum of $60 per 60 minute session. You’re effectively getting an UNLIMITED number of training session with a private personal trainer accessible at any time, with no scheduling, for just $50 a year!! And less than that when you use my promo code. I committed to this partnership to save you guys money because I know this app can help so many people have the fitness they’ve always desired.

MapMyRun– This app is fantastic for your fitness needs! It has the capability to save your split pace, elevation changes, favorite running routes, and more! It also doesn’t just log your runs, it logs your grass mowing, tennis playing, soccer playing, and so many other activities! It also syncs to Strava and Apple Health which I will talk more in depth about later. I, personally, purchased the premium version of this app years ago and haven’t looked back since! It allows you to see others favorite trails and saved routes. You can search by length of route or the location in terms of how close it is to you. It has a ton of other capabilities but I’ll leave it up to you to discover those!

Home Workout – This app is fantastic for people who can’t afford a gym membership. It creates new workouts for you designed based on your fitness level, fitness goals, and returns some great body weight workouts that are sure to get you sweating! Check out the Apple link here and the Google link here! You don’t need any equipment to get started, so what are you waiting for?!

Tabata Pro – To really explain this app, I first need to define what a tabata is for those of you who don’t know. A tabata is a type of high-intensity interval training (HIIT). It generally consists of eight sets of fast-paced, maximum effort given exercises that are performed for 20 seconds at a time with a 10 second rest break in between. This app is one of my favorites for circuit workouts. I find they are a great way to get my cardiovascular activity in without boring myself to tears doing the same exercises and routines. I use this app for boxing, crossfit, supersets, and more. 20 seconds may not sound like a long time but when you’re expending maximum effort for the full 20 seconds, taking only 10 seconds of rest in between, I promise it feels like a lifetime. I generally will do between 5-6 different exercises for 8 total sets. Try it out! Here’s the Apple link and the Google link.

Best Health Apps

MyFitnessPal – This app is the bomb! It allows you to track every bit of food or liquid you consume every day, plus it subtracts the calories burned from workouts. You will tell the app your fitness goals and it keeps track and tells you how much calories, proteins, carbohydrates, and more that you should be consuming each day. When you begin approaching your limit, it warns you. It syncs with Apple Health, Fitbit, map my run, and other apps to accurately track your caloric expenditures from your workouts. You can also log food by scanning the bar codes which makes it so much easier to keep track of your food intake. Check it out!

Stop, Breathe, and Think – Funny story. This app was actually started by two amazing ladies who just wanted to launch an app for the under 25 generation that helped them focus on maintaining balance and mindfulness. I stumbled upon this app a few years ago and even though I’m rapidly coming up on 30, I still use this app every single day. Their guided meditations are not just for teens and young adults. They fit quite nicely into the crazy, hectic, and stressful world that adults swim about in every day. Their app not only provides guided meditations, but soundscapes and options to journal as well! Give them a try! It’s the only meditation app that ever worked for me since I find it next to impossible to sit still.

Simplemind – This app is primarily to help you think through processes. If you have a problem that has been plaguing you, this may be an excellent way to think through the problem and find a solution. It’s called mindmapping.

Get Paid for Your Efforts

Achievement– My favorite part. Sometimes, there’s nothing that motivates someone more than financial incentive. Would you workout more and eat healthier if you got paid to do it? I’m guessing most of you are nodding your heads yes. Achievement does just that. It provides surveys about your personal health journey that aren’t required but are optional. If you take them you can get anywhere from a few points to hundreds of points per survey. You get points for logging your daily water intake, food eaten, exercise logged, steps taken, and so much more! After earning 10,000 points, you can cash those out for $10! And you can keep cashing out, forever! I’ve earned a number of these $10 bonuses and it really helps me stay focused and strive harder for my goals. It also gives you points for meditations you do through apps like Stop, Breathe, and Think! It syncs to other apps like myfitnesspal, Mapmyrun, Fitbit, and more!

SweatCoin – This app is very similar to Achievement because it pays you in Sweatcoin to log your health and fitness journey. The only difference? It allows you to cash out your Sweatcoin for products, services, classes, Apple watches, and more! Want to get paid in cash and earn some sweet prizes at the same time? Cool! download Achievement and Sweatcoin and use them both in unison so they track your activities but you’re effectively getting paid twice for them.

Podcoin – This is easily one of my favorite continuing learning apps! It offers the same podcast channels you will find on Apple podcasts, Google, Spotify, and more, with one very slight difference. It pays you to listen to your favorite podcasts! Every time you listen to a podcast through the app, you log podcoins. After earning your podcoin, you can actually cash them out for things like a Starbucks gift card, Amazon gift card, or even donate them to a charity of your choice! I love this app which is why if you follow our podcast, The Megan James Show, you have likely heard me give them shout outs in every episode. It’s completely free to use and to sign up for. Get paid 300 podcoin just for signing up when you use my code, MEGANJAMES

Apps to Continue Education and Self Growth

Shaw Academy – This app is a phenomenal way to build a new skill set, earn more money in your current career, or learn how to start a successful side business! Many people don’t realize that promotions and bonuses are most of the time hinged on what the employee has to offer to the company. It is based off what the employee frequently does to better himself or herself as an employee and many times the topic of continuing education arises. Shaw academy has over five million graduates and over fifty online courses and has been around over seven years. Their topics include photography, finance, health and wellness, marketing, technology, design, beauty, business, and so much more. You can earn professional diplomas in these courses for a fraction of the costs of taking them through a university. Most of them are around $49 which is a fantastic deal. You get your certification and present that to your employer and who knows, we may be writing to the future Vice President of your company! Check it out on Apple with this link or on Google with this link

Udemy– Another great resource for growing yourself personally and professionally is Udemy. Specifications and qualifications have gotten stricter for professors which means you can better trust the content you get. I have purchased over twenty Udemy courses over the last two years alone and all of them have helped me develop the necessary skill sets and knowledge to reach my goals. The app is free and you can get most courses for around $10.99. Some cost more, it just depends on the length of the courses, who teaches it, etc. They have courses on almost any topic known to man. From coding, photography, marketing, to flipping on ebay, meditation, and more! I like to let the courses play in the background on my desktop while I’m at work or take them with me to tan or lay by the pool. You can relax and get an education. You can turn your unproductive minutes into educational diamonds. Check it out!

Khan Academy – Started with a goal of filling in the gaps in education that many students were missing and turned into a global classroom platform where education is free and always will be. They have courses on topics like Calculus, Science, History, and more! Even though it was designed for kids, it has some great applications for adults who are attempting to get their GED and more! It also has free tools for teachers and parents! I’m a big fan of what this company has done and continues to do to help impact the world and future generations. Even if you decide not to download the app, please consider giving them a donation! Check out the Apple link or Google link to download the app!

Courserais an online platform that is free to join and offers online courses, specializations, and online degrees. It has courses on a wide variety of topics designed to assist you in developing a new skill in 4-6 weeks. Classes are priced between $29-$99 and you can earn a course certificate at the completion of the course! Specializations cost between $39-79 and can usually be completed in 4-6 months. These are for the people wishing to master a new career skill and complete a series of rigorous courses with hands-on lessons and projects on real business challenges. These courses come with a certificate upon completion. The online degrees cost between $15-$25,000 for 1-3 years of study to earn a university-recognized online degree. They have a lot of amazing courses and degrees offered. So if you work in a challenging career with no time to earn a degree on campus, check out Coursera! You will find courses from Yale, Stanford, MIT, and many more easily recognizable universities on this app.

edX – This online educational and learning platform was founded by Harvard and MIT. It now has more than twenty million online learners and houses some of the top-ranked educational courses from highly recognizable universities. It’s very similar to Coursera It offers courses, programs, and degrees in a wide variety of topics and niche services. It’s governed by colleges and is both a nonprofit and open source. It offers a Micro-Masters, Professional Certification, Online Masters Degree, and more programs designed to match you where you are in your life! If you’re considering forking over hundreds of thousands of dollars for your education or going thousands of dollars in debt for a university education, check out these programs first!

Skillshare – Is much like Udemy except, instead of offering hundred hour courses, it prides itself on providing short courses with compressed information. Want to learn photography in under one hour? They have a course for that. They have over four million students and over 22,000 classes! Teachers range from your everyday Joe who just so happens to make thousands in income by flipping stuff online and is here to show you how he does it, to Harvard teachers. Imagine taking ten years of education, experience, failures, and successes, and compressing into an hour long course to teach people everything they need to know to do what you do. It’s free to sign up and you get your first month free before your premium membership takes affect. Check them out!

Code Academy – This is a FANTASTIC resource if you have always wanted to code but you weren’t sure where to start. They’ve been around for seven years and have over forty-five million learners. They have created a platform that both teaches you and gives you a program to practice your coding on. You can learn HTML/CSS, Python, JavaScript, and more! This is the perfect resource for website developers, app developers, or people just wanting to learn a new skill. Here’s the Apple link and the Google link.

Hubspot – This is one NOT discussed in the podcast! It is a fantastic FREE resource for motivated entrepreneurs trying to learn SEO, Content Development, Inbound Marketing, and more! Get professionally certified on their website, take free courses, track your progress, and check out their blog! They have so much information and so many resources it is overwhelming at times. For business owners they have special paid services to help take your business to the next level. Check them out!

Free or Affordable Books, Audio Books, and Summaries

Self-Help Classics – I love this app! I was able to download a ton of Napoleon Hill books and many others for about $6. Each “set” of books comes grouped together for a very small price. It’s the greatest deal I’ve found yet, and you owe it to yourself to check it out! I think this might only be available on the Apple platform but it’s still a great resource.

iBooks – Anyone on an Apple platform has likely heard of and/or used this app. I use it to listen to all of my favorite audio books like Gary Vaynerchuk’s Crushing It. I won’t spend much time talking about it, so if you want to learn more about what audio books or regular books are available on the app for reading, make sure you check it out. There is no link as it usually comes pre-downloaded to most Apple devices now.

Blinkist – This is a PHENOMENAL resource!! Now more than ever before we are seeing hundreds of books published each week that would help us develop new skills, gain insight, or maybe provide some education in a realm we no little about. But because we work a million hours, have pets or kids, take care of our parents and try to fit in a social life, we feel as if we have no time to read. I know the struggle but I’m here to tell you that doesn’t have to be your reality anymore! Blinkist actually summarizes the most notable content from the over 3,000 titles found on their app, and gives you these ideas in the form of a “blink”. This is basically a one page summation of the content. You can read this on your phone or listen to it in a form of audio file! This is a great way to catch up on some light reading while you’re taking a run or while you are stuck in traffic. 11 million users obviously feel the same way. They offer a free basic plan as well as a paid premium plan.

Make sure you use our link!

Great news! We have just been granted the opportunity to partner with Blinkist! By clicking the “Blinkist” link attached to this paragraph, you will be visiting the Blinkist site via our direct link. Be sure to use this link if you’re signing up (whether selecting free or paid subscription it doesn’t mater) and you will be helping our podcast! We get a monetary payment each time someone signs up using our link! We use this money to help pay for the maintenance on this podcast so your help is very much appreciated!!

Kindle – I won’t spend too much time discussing Kindle as most everyone knows what it is. If you’ve been living under a rock then all you need to know is it is a platform developed by the retail giant, Amazon. It allows you to read and listen to books on your Kindle friendly devices. This is a great way to learn a new skill set, get some productive time in while waiting at the doctor’s office or waiting in line at the drug store. Check out the Apple link or the Google link.

Nook– This is virtually the same thing as Kindle except it was developed by Barnes & Noble. It allows you to read and listen to books on your Nook friendly devices whenever or wherever you find the time to read or listen. It’s an amazing resource, one which many have forgotten about.

Nook Free Books – Unfortunately, there is no link for this one but you can search for it in the Apple App store. It’s amazing because it has numerous self-development books that can be downloaded for free as well as many other types of books.

Libby – This is for everyone! Not just North Carolina! It’s your free access to downloading and reading free books or listening to audio books via your public library connection! A lot of people don’t know about this and they use the excuse of “new books are too expensive” and never read. This allows you to get those same titles for free! You don’t even have to leave your house to check out or return your books.

Best Apps for Overall Content, Articles, and Knowledge

Medium – There’s a pretty decent chance you are actually reading this on Medium right now. But for those of you who don’t know, Medium is a free platform where people can write and share ideas. You don’t have to be a professor or doctor to publish now, you can just be a regular Joe or Jill Shmo. I pay the $5 a month to read unlimited Medium articles. There’s always new insight that may give you new and innovative ideas to solve issues at work, in your marriage, in your friendships, or just re-organize your home. Here’s the Apple link and the Google link.

Reddit– This is similar to Medium and has a wide variety of topics, articles, news stories, and a vast amount of general content. If you’re looking for some new exciting ideas, you’ll find them here. Here’s the Apple link and the Google link.

Learning a Second Language

DuoLingo – This is officially the only app I trust for learning a foreign language now. I spent 9 years learning Spanish (mandatory) in school and now I can successfully ask you where is the bathroom and how old are you. Joy. If I had been given a choice, I would have rather learned German or Nordic, or something random and cool. I have since used DuoLingo to begin learning the Nordic language and it is fascinating and fun! It’s free and offers a better method of learning that most other language learning devices.

About the Author and Show Host:

Megan James is the Founder of Legacy Lifestyle Coaching, a company dedicated to Lifestyle Design. She has an extensive background in life coaching, business coaching, and career coaching. Megan has designed a life she’s proud of but she’s not planning on stopping there. Now Megan intends to take her skills and knowledge gained through her personal and professional experiences and share them with you! If you like the show, please subscribe! Follow our Socials!

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