In this episode, I discuss my “why” for developing Legacy Lifestyle Coaching as well as this podcast! Get prepared to have a fire lit under your bum. When I was involved in a multi-level network marketing company, I attended numerous business conferences. One day, I looked around at the speakers up on stage at one of these conferences and I noticed something. There wasn’t a single person on stage that I could identify with. No one. I was sitting there with my wife, and many speakers were up on stage condemning homosexual lifestyle as well as transgenders. AT A BUSINESS CONFERENCE! I felt like I had been sucked back into the 1960s and I was stuck inside some religious cult meeting.

Needless to say, I left that conference and never came back. I separated from that company and began searching for a business platform where I could identify with the trainers, coaches, and speakers. I didn’t find one. So, I decided to create my own company. A company that didn’t discriminate based on gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, or anything else. I wanted to build my own legacy to hand down to my future generations. I knew I likely was not the only person out there at one of those conferences that felt totally unaccepted.

Everyone deserves the chance to have the success they crave. I believe that if someone is willing to work hard enough to chase after their goals and design the future they want then they should have the same opportunities as everyone else in the same race for their goals. They should have access to the same information and be willing to work to earn the results they desire. Legacy Lifestyle Coaching was my way of giving back to those who felt discontented with their lives, who were out in the crowd feeling lost and like they couldn’t identify with the speakers on stage. I wanted to craft a culture where people of every background felt like they belong.

I had to learn the hard way how to align my core values with my chosen occupation and lifestyle. I wanted to condense my 28 years of learning things “the hard way” into an easy to learn and easy to apply format to help others succeed. I wanted to create a Lifestyle Design company to help people design the lives they always wanted both in business and in life. I have been blessed enough to help so many and out of this, arose the podcast. A way to reach more people and to give back to more people on a grand scale.

This episode discusses the realities and consequences behind living a life that doesn’t align with your core values (i.e. high rates of drug overdoses and suicides). We urge you to discover your why by trying new things, placing yourself outside your comfort zone, and learn new skills. If you have questions regarding this episode or others, please reach out to us! We love to hear from our listeners and post polls weekly about what new content our listeners want to learn about!

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About the Show Host:
Megan James is the Founder of Legacy Lifestyle Coaching, a company dedicated to Lifestyle Design. She has an extensive background in life coaching, business coaching, and career coaching. Megan has designed a life she’s proud of but she’s not planning on stopping there. Now Megan intends to take her skills and knowledge gained through her personal and professional experiences and share them with you! If you like the show, please subscribe! Follow our Socials! Facebook (Podcast):
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